Configure: SeamlessDoc Form to Microsoft Sharepoint


You must connect SeamlessDocs to Velosimo to complete the next step:
Connect SeamlessDocs to Velosimo

Access your Form(s)

In velosimo’s GovOS SeamlessDocs administration portal under Form Settings, administration users have the ability to filter and create user specific form lists.

As a new user, the form list will be blank. To populate your user-specific form list, filter and select specific forms that you want to configure or to easily access.


  1. Navigate to “Form Settings” in the left menu under the SeamlessDocs integration node
  2. Select "+ ADD USER FORMS

To find your desired form(s), you can filter on any of the attributes by entering data or selecting from the form type drop down to filter/search for the form(s). The filter attributes include:

Form Name, Form Type (web forms or document forms), user email address associated with the form, created date or modified date.


Once you have filter results you can select the desired form(s) that should be on your form list every time you access "Form Settings".


  1. Select the check box for the form you would like to add to your Form Setting list
  2. Select Add

Note: if the check box is greyed out, that indicates that the form already exists in your "Form Settings" view.


Configure SeamlessDoc Form to Microsoft Sharepoint

From the "Form Settings" list, select the form you would like to configure to open the configuration options for that form.

If needed, select the Sharepoint tab.

Under Document Library, move the slider to turn on "Save Docs" and expose the configuration options

Choose the desired subsite and entire the name of the site folder.


To save additional attachments select “Save SeamlessDocs PDF” to save a .pdf file or “Save Attachment”.


There are two ways to save your documents, either into a folder or a document set. Use the slider on the left to select which setting.


First, we will go over how to set up saving to a folder. Set the slider to the left, highlighting “Use Folder”. Under “Base Folder” you will create the folder/file path with parameters. Use this pattern: /foldername/filename/.


To save as a document set move the slider to the right, highlighting “Use Document Set”. Select the type of form, and enter parameters into the Document Set Name. This will create the name of the set.


Select “Map Fields”. Click the icon on the right to add mappings.


Select a mapping from the list. Once you have selected your desired mappings fill in the forms with a SeamlessDoc field and configure them under “Sharepoint Mappings”.


To save to a CSV, click the “Save CSV” slider. Enter the file path. It must be in this pattern: /path/to/filename.


To save to a List, select “Save to List” and enter a subsite and the name of the target list. Click the icon on the right and select mappings for the list. Then fill in the forms with a SeamlessDoc field.