Accela - Bluebeam Studio: Authorizing the Connector

Create/Define Integration Users

For Accela Civic Platform:
Velosimo requires a named user within Accela that has Full Access to FID 0364.

Please remember to select the correct Accela tenant when prompted (TEST/SUPP/PROD) during the login process.

For Bluebeam Studio
A user who has been licensed in Bluebeam Studio can complete the Authentication process.

It is advisable that the Bluebeam user not be tied to an individual user, but an Admin user role where the email address and password don't change or expire.

Enable the Velosimo Application in your Prime Space.

  1. Obtain the Velosimo App ID from Velosimo
  2. Follow the steps in this Bluebeam support article:

Authorizing the Connector Endpoints from the application

Navigate to and login with appropriate user credentials. Once logged in, click Authorizations from the left side menu:


Click on 'Add Authorization' button. This action will open the modal to create a New Authorization. Select 'Bluebeam Studio' as the base authorization and complete with the name you want.


Click on 'Add Authorization' button. It will add a new authorization for Bluebeam, search it by the dropdown:


The new authorization will be displayed Unauthorized. Click on the button 'Authorize' .


The Bluebeam Studio page will be displayed. Complete with the appropriate Bluebeam Studio credentials. It will redirect you to the Velosimo application and the Authorization will be displayed Authorized.