Velosimo Accela On-Premise Adapter Deployment Guide for Sharepoint


Download the following files to the IIS server:

Velosimo Accela EDMS ConnectorPlease contact Velosimo support to obtain the installers

Install Accela EDMS Connector

  1. Download and decompress the Velosimo Accela EDMS file to the IIS server for deployment.

  2. Open IIS Manager.

  3. In IIS Manager, on the left pane expand the Server node then right click Sites subnode and select Add Website option to add a new Web Application.

  1. In the configuration dialog click Select on the Application Pool button and select .NET 4.5 from the AppPool list and click OK.

  1. Type the site name “Velosimo Accela EDMS Connector” and then select the physical path of the installation files decompressed in Step 1.

  1. Add HTTPS bindings

  1. Once the bindings are configured IIS Manager can be closed.

  1. Finished.

Server Requirements

Software Requirements
Operating SystemWindows Server 2019 or 2016
Web ServerInternet Information Server 10
Frameworks.NET 4.5+ Framework
Minimum Server Hardware Requirements
CPUDual Core 2Ghz or higher
Memory8 GB
Disk100 GB free disk space
Network Speed100 Mbps
Firewall Rules
Restrict to IP54.70.20.215,,,,,,,,, (IPs of incoming Velosimo Cloud connections)